Jesse Ryan Band

I’ve got a friend named Jesse Ryan Labauve. I met this guy a couple of years ago when he was interviewing for the Youth P&W position at our church. Needless to say, he got the gig and it’s been great working with him ever since. He’s a great musician and I know he truly has a heart to use it for God.

If there’s one other things I’ve learned about Labauve, it’s that he’s got to be the most well connected guy I’ve ever met. I mean, I understand networking in theory but I’ve never been very good with people so the practice has always been kind of lost to me. Labauve is the kind of guy who comes in on a Friday and tells me he sat next to Kelly Clarkson the night before at a concert he got into for free. 

Jesse started writing music a few years back  but he decided he wanted to really put hands and feet to it recently. Luckily he asked me to join his endeavors. It’s been several years since I’ve drummed in a band consistently but we just played our sixth show this last Friday night and I’m having a blast. The music is getting really good and our fan base is growing pretty well. If you want to come check us out then you can come to the Aardvark our in Fort Worth on Thursday, Feb. 22.

Dustin Barrow (Electric), Jesse Ryan Labauve (Vocals, Acoustic), Tom Atchison (Bass), Ryan Rijken (Percussion)

Dustin Barrow (Electric), Jesse Ryan Labauve (Vocals, Acoustic), Tom Atchison (Bass), Ryan Rijken (Percussion)

~ by Ryan Rijken on January 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Jesse Ryan Band”

  1. WOW Jesse must be a very special person in your life to deserve a whole blog just about him…haha
    He is an awesome guy! Im glad you are enjoying playing in his band! You guys rock!!!

  2. I’m finally going to be able to catch you guys since you’re playing in Fort Worth! Can’t wait!

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