When God Works

I don’t think there is anything more exciting then when God works. I know that when I’m moved by God it’s one of the greatest experiences I can ever feel. When I see God use me to help others experience Him….well that’s another ballgame altogether. 

Two nights ago we kicked off a new series in our Young Adult ministry called “Lifelines.” The other guys and I had been workin’ our tails off all week trying to get ready. We sent tons of emails, made phone calls, posted all over the web and did our best to spread the word. I got new music together for a new worship song…Jessie worked his message again and again…and there were many times that we found ourself working during “time off.” Most of all though, we prayed.

When Sunday night came I can honestly say that everything on our end went as planned and went well. My worship crew is AWESOME and they showed up early ready to pray, play, and give their all. Jessie’s message hit home for lots of us, but I have to say………….the greatest thing that happened Sunday night was that the Spirit of God showed up. I mean overwhelmingly just showed up. People were so moved in service and it just seemed to follow us afterwards. There’s nothing like coming home to endless facebook updates and tweets (for you Twitter fans) of people who were moved by God and saw their passion renewed. Glory to God and Praise to Him for that.

~ by Ryan Rijken on January 13, 2009.

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