The New President

The world celebrated our new President this week. Barack Obama was sworn in Tuesday around noon and was hard at work the next morning trying to make this country a better place to live. 

I often question how great Obama really is or is going to be. Is he really so moving and so intelligent or was our last President so uninspiring that we were driven to an unhealthy desire for change as a nation. It’s difficult for me because I like Obama as a person. Everything he’s done as far as selecting his staff and requiring transparency from himself and his staff has shown that he has a desire for integrity. However, his domestic and economic policies ring of socialism. That scares me for reasons I’ll have to unpack in the future.

In any case I hope he’s the great President that we’ve been looking for. Even if I disagree, I can’t wish that man to fail. I just hope God gives him wisdom and that we can be a better nation than what we have been as of late.

~ by Ryan Rijken on January 23, 2009.

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