Has MLK’s Dream Been Fulfilled?

All this last week I heard continual talk about Martin Luther King Jr. and whether or not his dream has been fulfilled. I was surprised and a little disturbed to hear so many people talking about how his dream has finally reached fruition simply because we now have a black president. 

I don’t want to minimize how historic or how great it is that the American people have looked past the color of man and voted for his character, but was that the finality of King’s dream? I think if anything this last election brought up how much racism and inequality still plague our nation. Racism played such a huge role in this last election not only in seeing people vote against someone because of their skin color but people vote FOR someone because of their skin color. Isn’t that racism as well? Isn’t that making a decision without regarding someone’s character? 

Even beyond that, is there equality when it comes to hispanics, asians, and native americans? In the speech that was so eloquently given by Dr. King over 45 years ago, he mentions more than just blacks and whites. I think that  it’s great to celebrate how far we’ve come in those years, but let’s not short-sight the dream that he had. Let’s see our society improve and not be so quick to check it off as complete.


~ by Ryan Rijken on January 24, 2009.

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